He Can Be Found

Ekonkar Satnam,

I am dedicating first post of shayari.net to my God, Akal Purakh…

He is the number One power and source of life
He protect and nurture his creatures without any cost
I should remember him forever, in Indulgence, I should not be lost
Otherwise, the fires of Hell make the souls so roast

By praising the God, He can be Found
Listening of the internal sounds
I can heal up the soul from the wounds
And by making my soul pure, God can be Found.

– Laddi

My English I very weak, but I tried to write something in the praise of God, I hope every reader would be able to understand what I try to say.

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  1. Laddi Writes on 19 May, 2013

    Hi, this is the first comment.
    I think, I just wrote this poem or say one Shayari in english.
    I hope you will like it… 🙂

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