English Shayari

There were only two kingdoms:
One disowned both him and me
And the other we ourselves abandoned.

Under the naked sky –
I was drenched by my body’s shower
Which continued a long age
Rotted in the continuing downpour.

Then he took the goblet brimming with the love of years
And quaffed it like cup full of poison
His quaking hand sought mine:
“Come! let us take a moment’s shelter under some roof
Look! there – before you, a little way off
There is an empty space…
Between truth and falsehood.”

– Amrita Pritam

With you no complaint I can make
No reward I am destined to take

A person we have not yet met
If separated, will cause what heartache

We were hardly wishful to keep living
Though dying we dare not under-take

Something to make our life worth while
No prospect of any chance at stake

Flower’s scent has been accounted for
Its own time, though, bud will take

Heart is taken aback by a single hurt
It is no blister that a prick it cannot take…

– Parveen Shakir

As if the counselor for cure is defeated
As if in death, malady has been treated

As if this time heart is hurt anew
Though beloved had oft before retreated

Your loving palm caressing my forehead
Is balm for my soul highly feted

There was this lack of warmth within
Though with an open smile beloved had greeted

The poor live from hand to mouth
The story of poverty is ever repeated

– Parveen Shakir

Distant dream has become the festive season
Like our beloved, has departed the spring season

Since many seasons, in my home and heart
Time has stood still in the waiting season

Let beloved whisper in my ear to hear
Ever so gently may return the high season

Not with standing new tentalising professions of love
Not possible to withstand loss of your trusting season

Fragrance may diffuse or may refuse and return
Let someone so inform beloved’s welcome season

For your style of love we had often pondered
To pander to your overtures, or to reason out of season.

– Parveen Shakir